Engineering is a complex discipline and popular choice for international students looking to choose a major to study. An engineering degree is absolutely a versatile choice for students looking to work in a number of different fields. Students will be excited to learn about the different areas within the field of engineering.

Many students deciding on which academic major they want to pursue often ask themselves “What is engineering?” Engineering is a section of technology and science that focuses on the design of engines, machines, structures and electrical systems. Engineering is deeply rooted in mathematics principles. Engineering is also a very broad topic. There are many subsets of engineering that make up the discipline. Engineers can work in careers ranging from astronauts to civil engineers.

About the faculty

This faculty accepts students for undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering with four areas of interests including Electronic, Power, Control, and Telecommunications. In addition, this faculty accepts students in Biomedical Engineering at undergraduate level and also Mechatronic Engineering at graduate level. The faculty comprises five full-time faculty members and four adjunct professors.

This department is one of the popular ones at the University of Neyshabur.

The students work in a friendly and supportive environment alongside creative and inspirational people who are eager to share their experiences. The students are engaged in vibrant research and practical activities by using the facilities in different laboratories. There are several active workshops and laboratories are available for students to conduct their experiments and research studies.

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