:Some of the major benefits of taking science as a subject are

Better understanding of the world

When you study the subjects like physics, chemistry you get more technical and in-depth understanding of the world you live in. It allows you to develop scientific knowledge and theory about everything in the world that you come across. Science project like assignments force you to think of possible solutions that can happen within the context of this world and even beyond.

Science makes positive and remarkable progress

Science is always progressing towards the more positive and remarkable developments. It has raised so much awareness and has created infinite possibilities for people.

Variety of work

Science gives you a lot of variety of work. You can study so many different things in general or specialize in one particular field with so much variety that it will never bore you.

Science challenges your brain

The complexity of the subjects forces your brain to work twice as much as it would generally. This allows you to be much smarter and intelligent, as well as progressive.


About the faculty

This faculty welcomes students willing to pursue their education in Mathematics, Physics, and also Chemistry. This faculty is a home to both undergraduate and graduate student with different areas of interest.

This faculty is equipped with several laboratories, numerous research facilities to ascertain the students to feel free and ambitious to conduct research studies to achieve their goal and become an independent researcher and with promising prospective job opportunities. In addition, the students are supported with the sympathetic and supportive knowledgeable scholars.

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