Since the beginning, the University of Neyshabur has highlighted and used a progressive adoption of a Teaching Quality Assurance system that is consistent with the standards and guidelines set by Ministry of Education.

This objective has been pursued encouraging teaching structures to engage in self-assessment, and promoting the development of IT data collection systems for monitoring purposes and recording the opinions of students and graduates about the teaching received. In the subsequent years the University of Neyshabur has supplemented the model used with the requirements of Self-assessment, Periodic evaluation, Accreditation.

On the research front, the University of Neyshabur has established the Research Evaluation Committee with a view to “determining and evaluating the scope and importance of the research carried out at the University”. This Committee is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the research evaluation activities. It is tasked with preparing and updating criteria for evaluating the quality of the research carried out at the University.

The assessments made by the Committee are used by the competent Bodies and Departments to establish policies for the assignment of resources to scientific research and identify strategies for the development of research at the University.

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