Color studio

The color studio has 300 square meters space for the students. They put into practice their theoretical understanding of colors they learn during the semester. More specifically, they practice arranging various colors based on their frequency and differences, examining color tolerances, etc.

Photo laboratory

A laboratory of color as well as black and white photography is available for the students with 250 square meters space. The students can understand the basics of photography through practice and problem-solving until they feel confident and knowledgeable enough to begin their independent works.

In addition, this studio provides students with opportunities to work with color negative materials and print from color slides and negatives. Color printing facilities are also available.

Graphic studio

There are three graphic studios located in the Faculty of Arts with 320 square meters space for the students and the instructors to practice a variety of art work types and experience creativity.

Sculpture studio

This studio provides a 300-square-meters space for students to work on pottery and sculpture. The studio equipment includes: Pottery wheels, Handbuilding tables and canvases, Rolling pins, Textures, Sculpture stands.

It is worth mentioning that some materials for making clay sculptures are available for purchase:

  • Any clay used in the studio can be purchased at the Crafts Center.
  • Basic pottery tools such as ribs, needle tools, settle knives and bat pins are available for purchase.

The students who are also interested in metal sculpture can work with an expert in this field in a metal shop with various tools and equipment used for welding, bending and cutting.

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