The students are either willing to prefer living in university’s dormitories or prefer renting a house or suit. Due to the large number of students who begin their education at the University of Neyshabur, four dormitories are available and prepared for them. There are two dorms for male students. One the dorms is on campus and the other is off campus. The off campus dorm is situated not far from the university so that the students have less difficulty in their commuting. In addition, the university’s buses are available for them from off campus dorm to the university and vice versa. As for females, there are also two off campus dorms. Bus services are also available for female students to get to the university on time.

The university’s off-campus dorms are situated in an area where the students can fulfill their necessary living needs. For example, there is access to several convenient stores, drugstores, laundry, restaurants, cafes, photocopiers, etc.

The university’s buses regularly take the students to the university and back to the dorms.

The other students who prefer to rent houses or suits either alone or share with other students, can use the university bus services but the buses routes are fixed and obviously might not be close to their house.

The dormitories are usually three-story buildings with several rooms in each story. All buildings are equipped with high speed Wi-Fi, TVs, air conditioners, heaters, and some sport equipment. Each story has its own kitchen, restroom and bathroom. Each room usually accommodates four students and is equipped with comfortable beds, a mini refrigerator, and private lockers for each students.

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