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About the City of Neyshabur

City of Neyshabur

Neyshabur is one of the important cities in Khorasan Razavi Province in eastern part of Iran located in a wide, fertile plain at the southern foot of Binalood Mountain. The estimated population of Neyshabur reaches half a million due to its adjacency with suburban villages. Neyshabur has always been a significant symbol of history particularly in ancient Iran. Neyshabur, during its peak prosperity, used to be the capital of Iran. Currently, this city is considered as one of the important cultural, touristic, industrial, and historic centers of north eastern Iran. This city has been the home to internationally recognized scientists like Omar Khayyam and Attar. Because of having natural, historic, and touristic attractions this city attracts many national and international visitors. More specifically, visitors are impressed by the green nature of the suburban areas of Neyshabur. They can walk through densely tree populated areas and enjoy the nature, clean weather and pure water. Neyshabur is famous for its favorable weather conditions during the year. You will miss its fresh morning air once you feel it. Neyshabur is famous for its turquoise mines. These blue and green shining stones are extracted from mines situated about 50 kilometers northwest of the city...

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